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Be Realistic: Expect Progress not Perfection

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I believe setting goals helps us achieve success and keeps us on track.   It is so exciting to start out the new year with a fresh vision and a set of new goals … and then reality hits.  You realize it is going to be harder than you realized or take longer than you had hoped to get the results you want.  It is easy to get frustrated and want to just give up entirely.  It is easy to let the doubt and negative self -talk creep in.

When you go hiking, everyone starts at the bottom of the trail…it is only the people who keep going who get to see the magnificent views from the top.  It is a mistake to think you are not good enough until you accomplish your goal.  Enjoy the journey to the top.

Have you reached a point where you feel discouraged with your vision for 2016?  Take a look at your goals.  Are you trying to do too much at one time?  Habits take time to form and change.  Trying to take on too much can be overwhelming and frustrating and won’t lead to success.  Take it one step at a time.  My advice is to pick 1-2 things to focus on each month.

Grab a notebook, write your goals down and track your success.  It can be motivating to track your progress and be able to visually see how far you have come.  When you can see your progress, your confidence grows.

When you get frustrated with your progress, write down 5-10 things that you are doing well.  Think about small successes you have had or changes that you have made.  Continue this list as the year goes on and refer to it when you start doubting whether or not you can do it.

Most people who make goals at the beginning of the year do not keep them.  Let your story be different! If you feel like you have already failed at your goals for 2016…then start over today!

If you find yourself struggling try these ideas.

Take a look at your goals.  Are they realistic and attainable?  Can you lose 20 pounds?  Probably, but you may not have full control over what your body shows on the scale.  Try adjusting your goal to reflect what you have control over such as, “Follow my healthy eating plan, ”  or “exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes.” If you stay on your eating plan and exercise regularly then you will probably lose weight.

Evaluate distractions or obstacles.  Take a look at what is preventing you from reaching your goals.  Do your goals need to be adjusted or clarified? Plan and develop strategies for obstacles that creep in.  Plan ahead when you know a difficult situation is going to come up.

You will have set-backs.  It will happen.  What are you going to do about it?  If you dropped 1 egg, would you dump the rest of the eggs in the carton on the floor?  Don’t give up because you had a bad meal or a bad day.

Realize that changing habits is difficult and takes time.  Expecting perfection can prevent us from being happy right now.  There are a lot of things to enjoy in life as we are progressing toward our goals.  Remember to enjoy the people and experiences along the way.

There is no magic formula.  We almost always have to change our attitude before changing our habits. The number on the scale may not move as quickly as you want it to.  Whatever your goals are, they are going to involve work and dedication over time.  Success is a culmination of all those little things you have to do to reach your goal.


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