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Lunchbox Lovers! Creamy & Dreamy Bento box

Berries and Cream sandwich bento box lunchbox ideas

Create a delicious medley of sweet and savory for perfect lunch time meal. When you don’t feel like a meat sandwich, substitute it with a delicious berry & cream filling.  Pair your creamy berry sandwich with sliced vegetables such as celery, cucumbers or peppers.  Add your favorite slices of meat for easy snacking.  For a small sweet, bake up mini chocoholic eat ’em upcakes topped with a delicious dark chocolate frosting.

Prep 101

The Make Ahead Prep!

#1 : Bake up a loaf of Do You Bake? Pumpernickel Bread (as shown) or EZ Country White Bread.  Store wrapped in the fridge and pull out when ready to make your lunches!

#2 : Make your Cream Cheese Filling!  Make up a batch of Do You Bake? Love that Lemon Cheese Ball Mix (One 8-oz brick of cream cheese & 1 package) or Blueberry Blast Cheese Ball Mix (One 8-oz brick of cream cheese & 1 package of mix) and refrigerate until you are ready to build your sandwich!

#3 : Make your Do You Bake? Chocoholic eat ’em Upcakes ahead of time! Make mini Upcakes for little one and two bite dessert treats for your lunch.


Both Pumpernickel & EZ Country White Bread freeze great! Simply slice your loaf into perfect lunch portions and freeze your sliced loaf in a freezer ready zip top bag. Remove slices of bread as needed

Chocoholic Upcakes freeze well! Simply frost your mini upcakes, place them on a sheet pan and pop them into the freezer until frozen.  Remove from sheet pan and pop your mini upcakes in freezer ready zip top bags. Remove individual frosted upcakes when ready to use!

Build Your Berries & Cream Sandwich

#1 : Cut 2 slices of bread and smear on a little of your softened cream cheese dip (about 1 – 2 tablespoons per slice of bread). Top one slice of bread with your favorite sliced berries (Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries) and place the second slice of bread on top. Cut into triangles or squares. Add to one compartment of your bento box.

#2 : Ready to make your meal!  Take your bento box, lunch box, compartment sections and add

  • Your YUMMY Berries & Cream Sandwich to one compartment
  • Slices of your favorite lunch meat with mini tomatoes in a separate compartment (optional) add pickle spears and olives (optional)
  • A few of your mini Chocoholic Eat ’em Upcakes in another compartment
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of strips of vegetables such as carrots, celery and peppers


Real food, real flavor and real easy!


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