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Fun Chicken Nuggets & Dunkin’ Cookies Lunch Box

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This lunchbox is a fun, healthy and delicious option when you just do not feel like packing a sandwich.  Much of this lunchbox  can be made up ahead, frozen and pulled out at future dates for perfectly portioned lunchbox options.  Serve with fresh fruit, vegetables and a delicious dipping sauce for a great balance of flavors and textures.

Prep 101 – Make Ahead Options

#1 : Make your Good ‘Ol Nuggets : Follow the package directions on the box of Do You Bake? Lunchbox Lovers line of Good ‘Ol Nuggets.  These make a great dinner or snack and leftovers can be used for lunches.  Simply cool your cooked nuggets completely and freeze in zip top bags into individual portion sizes

#3 : Make your Dunk the Chunks Cookies : Follow the package directions on the box of Do You Bake? Dunk the Chunks Cookies mix. These make great snacks and desserts as well. There will be plenty leftover.  You can freeze them in packages of twos, threes or fours and pull them out as you plan to build your lunchboxes.

Time To Make Your Lunchbox!

#1 : Take your bento box or lunchbox and add the following to your different compartments

  • Good ‘Ol Chicken Nuggets in one compartment
  • In your next compartment, place fresh vegetables such as carrot sticks or celery sticks accompanied by your favorite nuggets ‘n’ veggie dipping sauce (honey mustard, ranch and others make perfect pairings)
  • In a third compartment grab a perfect portion of your favorite fruit such as grapes, orange segments or berries
  • Finally in your last compartment add a few Dunk the Chunks Cookies for YUMMY sweet satisfying snacking.



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