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Learn to Cook and Eat at Home

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I believe, a place that can ultimately bring health and healing. For me, cooking at home means cooking from scratch with mostly fresh ingredients.  When you start with quality fresh foods in the kitchen, good things can happen. Good things start around the table.

1. Cooking at Home Makes Your Life Better.I believe that cooking at home improves your life. Cooking helps you to gain qualities like confidence, creativity, planning, and organizational skills. You could really make your corner of the world better.  I’m pretty sure that a good life involves sitting down to a good, home-cooked

2. Cooking at Home Helps YouBecome More Independent.  Cooking is a basic life skill that I believe everyone should  It will definitely be helpful at some point in your life.   People who never learn to cook are missing a great opportunity to learn a valuable skill. The time spent on learning how to cook will not go to waste. When you don’t cook you are forced to depend on others… people who probably don’t have your best interest at heart. What happens if your income takes a hit and you can’t afford to eat out anymore? You’ll probably be forced to learn to cook. So why not just start now!

3. Cooking at Home Helps You Know What Real Food Tastes L You will develop an appreciation for food, and what basic ingredients really taste like. Too many people are eating overly processed products that aren’t anything your great grandmother would even recognize. Would you rather eat food that tastes good, or food that was meant to withstand packing, shipping and time on a shelf? Maybe you like that mac and cheese from a box…but give me a bowl of my homemade mac and cheese anyday!

4. Cooking at Home IsNot Rocket Science.  If you can read, you can cook.  Get a simple cookbook and follow the directions. If you feel more confident, then try something new.  Don’t expect everything that comes out of your kitchen to be amazing. Have patience with yourself, experiment, and get into the kitchen.  Start simply — with a morning smoothie or one dinner a week. Then build up your repertoire. Grilling a few chicken breasts and steaming broccoli is a fast and nutritious meal.  The simplest foods are often the healthiest.

5. Cooking at Home isHealthier Than Eating Out.  Unless you’re really good friends with the chef, you probably have no idea what’s in that restaurant meal you’re eating.  Do you know what kind of oil they use? Is there extra sugar in the sauce? What about food coloring? How much salt did they add?  Most restaurants don’t care about your health, their focus in on profits. If you are the one cooking, then you get to control the ingredients. You can avoid using the unhealthy additives and preservatives found in many processed foods.

6. Cooking at Home Helps You EatMore Mindfully.  Cooking teaches you to not just pay attention to what’s in your food but also how you eat it. Most of the time the food we eat while zoned out in front of the TV is pre-packaged, convenience food.  If we spend time and love preparing food, we are more likely to sit at the table to enjoy it.  Eating mindfully means you savor each bite and are able to recognize when you’re satisfied.

7. Cooking with Others Strengthens Relationships.  Whether you are getting to know someone new or catching up with someone you have known for years.   Cooking at home is an opportunity to bond over a shared activity. Cooking isn’t a mysterious activity that somehow just happens — good food is a hands-on activity, where creativity and imagination can make preparing food fun. Memories are waiting to be made, experiences to be had. You might (and should) even laugh!

8. Cooking at HomeHelps With Weight Management.  You can improve your diet by cooking yourself healthy foods at home. You will have complete control over what you eat and can stick to reasonable amounts of food so that you will not end up eating too much.  Calories consumed through homemade foods are low compared to the calories consumed at restaurants or from takeout. You’re in charge of portion sizes and what does or doesn’t get put on your plate.

9. Cooking at HomeSaves You   The money spent to buy groceries is nothing compared to the amount spent on eating out. When you eat in a restaurant you have to pay for the building, staff, and other costs involved with the restaurant along with paying for the food you eat.  These extra costs can be cut by learning to cook for yourself.  With just a part of what you spend on eating out, you can make great tasting food right at your home.

10. Cookingat Home isFun!  Cooking is a creative  Once you learn to cook a few things you’ll want to learn more.  I think there is lack of motivation for people to learn to cook because there are so many alternatives to cooking for yourself. But once you learn the basics, cooking will become more fun.

You will be healthier and enjoy better relationships with others when you cook and eat at home. So cook with someone, eat with someone, and enjoy!


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