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Food Tips on Surviving New Years Eve Parties!

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How do I Survive the New Year’s Eve Party?
The holiday season is almost over.  New Year’s Celebrations wrap up the holiday period when many people struggle with healthy eating and regular exercise.  If you are anything like me, I have eaten too much during the last month.  New Year’s Eve is notorious for food and a lot of it!  It is easy to overindulge in high fat party foods and think that one night won’t matter.  Yes, I know it only comes around once a year … but so do a lot of other days. If we ate like every day was a holiday, then soon we will look at ourselves and wonder what happened!
What are you going to do?  The food is inevitable.  A New Year’s Eve party just wouldn’t be the same without a spread of appealing appetizers.

Here are some tips to help you wake up on New Year’s Day without the over indulged, tummy filling, sluggish regret.

  1. Eat healthy meals and snacks during the day.  You don’t have to treat the whole day like a party.  Focus on veggies and healthy carbs before heading out for the evening.  This will keep you from showing up starving and ready to devour everything in sight!
  2. Drink plenty of water during the day.  This will help you stay hydrated and energized, as well as helping you eat less.
  3. It is hard to be in control of what you eat when you are not the one planning the menu.  So if the party is not at your house, ask if you can bring something to share.  Then show up with a giant vegetable tray with a healthy dip, fruit kabobs, or hummus with pita chips.
  4. Whether or not you are able to provide some of the food for the party.  Fill half of your plate with lower calorie snacks such as fruits and vegetables.  Save the other half for higher calorie treats.  I realize that it is a big holiday and most people, including myself,  will eat more normal.  That’s ok.  I also realize that everything I put in my body counts and so my bites better be worth it.  If it doesn’t taste good…don’t eat it!  I have been known to take a bite of something.. and only one bite if I realized it didn’t taste as good as I had hoped.  Be picky, you don’t have to eat it just because it is there.  Focus on quality not quantity.
  5. Know your food.  You know that fruits and vegetables are good choices, but what about everything else on the buffet table?  Baked Brie and creamy dips are calorie bombs, yet plenty of other party foods are naturally low in calories. Go for lean meats, salsa, and shrimp. On a cheese tray, soft goat cheese and Feta are lower-calorie choices.
  6. When you’re at a party buffet table, choose three or four items that look really good to you.  Then step away so you’re not tempted to graze. If you’re on the other side of the room from the food, you’re less likely to keep refilling your plate absentmindedly.
  7. Follow the 3 bite rule.  Our brain enjoys the first three bites of a food the most, so unless it’s amazing, it’s not worth the calories
  8. Instead of alcohol, try some fruit flavored waters or spritzers.
  9. Bring mints or gum to the party with you.  I love this tip for helping me stop eating once I have had my fill of food at a party,  pop a piece of gum or a mint in your mouth. You won’t be as tempted to keep eating—plus, your breath will be fresher than anyone else’s!
  10. At the end of the night, if you are the host, send those leftovers home with other people.  If you are leaving someone else’s party, don’t take those tasty treats home with you!  Start the new year right!These tips will help you get 2016 started off right!

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