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The 5 Second Rule

5 second rule

Do you live by the 3 or 5 second rule?

You know what I mean! …

If you drop something on the floor … you pick it up fast and yell “Five second rule” and pop that bad boy in your mouth!

Haha – it makes me laugh thinking about it because I know I”ve shouted that out a million times so far!

But honestly I never really thought about the saying until I ran across this article that breaks down the 5 second rule!

The history … oh and if you love Julia Child then you will smile at what she dropped!

The science … does 5 seconds mean less or no bacteria? .. find out!

The fun .. of course the little quirks in the 5 second rule and how it differs between men and women both!

Ready to learn more about the 5 second rule?

Click the link below to head onto the article posted by


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