15 Minute Holiday Centerpieces – Do You Bake
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15 Minute Holiday Centerpieces

Quick Holiday Recycled Centerpieces - Do You Bake?

Create a perfect holiday centerpiece with odds and ends around the house and fresh flowers.

Holiday Nuts

This is the time of year when you can find so many varieties of whole (in the shell) nuts. Using different shapes and sizes you can turn ordinary into extra ordinary.

Fill glass vases or dishes with nuts, springs of scraps of pine trees, twigs and red faux berries. Top with candles and arrange over your table top.

Re-Purpose Your Tin Cans into a Centerpiece

Recycled Tin Cans and Fresh Flowers can add pizzazz to your holiday table.  Simply find a few different sizes (heights and diameter) of tin cans laying around in your Recycling Bins. Give them a good wash and soak, peel off their labels and remove any excess glue.  Dry completely.

Once dried, take your favorite wrapping paper and cut to the size (the height and the length) of your can.  Using a hot glue gun, spread a little glue around the edges of your tin can and affix your wrapping paper.  Fold over or trim any uneven edges.

Add fresh flowers and water! Pretty as can be.


Tin Can & Wrapping paper Holiday Centerpiece



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