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Fresh Fish Tacos

Fresh Fish Tacos

Yes! Fish really does belong in a taco! A YUMMY and gourmet alternative to the beefy brother!

There really is no single best fish to use for a fish taco. A good rule of thumb is to use white fish that does not have too strong of a flavor (otherwise the fish will overpower everything else in the taco). Common choices are: cod, basa, halibut, and tilapia. The important thing is to pick a fish that you enjoy and that, ideally, is fresh.

The fish tacos found in most restaurants include fish that has been beer-battered and deep fried just like they would be for an order of fish and chips. This does make for a good-tasting taco, but eating deep-fried foods isn’t the healthiest option.

If you want a really good and healthy alternative to these deep-fried tacos, try adding fish that has been grilled and seasoned with Do You Bake? Fiesta Seasoning and a little salt (to taste) to a small, warmed corn tortilla, and add your favorite cabbage (using cabbage instead of lettuce is important for fabulous texture), sliced avocado, diced red onions, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a small amount of chopped cilantro. Play with fresh salsas, or pico de gallo, corn kernels and other fresh herbs (like cilantro) for a flavor packed fish taco.


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