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Enjoying Freshly Picked Apples

Freshly picked fall Apples

McIntosh, Red Delicious, Ginger Crisps, Macoun, Empire, Cortland … all sound delicious, mouth watering and fresh this time of year!

By the bushel basket or the bag or just an apple or two at a time, juice, fresh apples – for pies, for cider, for YUMMY baked goods, for a delicious Apple Crisp. You cannot go wrong with apples in the fall!

If you plan to pick your own or pick up a bag of just picked varieties at your local farmer markets, you can keep them crisp and delicious for much longer by storing them in the refrigerator. For larger quantities, use a cold room or storage room 9such as a cellar or an unheated garage). Bring them inside into your refrigerator as your supply runs low.  Extend the pleasure of your fresh fall harvest apples for many days.  Even as fresh apples ripen, they are stil perfect for making pies, cobbler, apple sauce or spiced apples.



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