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CRAVE IT! Kettlebell Training

Stuck in an exercise rut? Don’t have a ton of time to fit in both your cardio and resistance training? Haven’t started resistance training, but would like to start? Get a kettlebell set and enjoy a two-for-one exercise! Kettlebells combine the benefits of resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning in one powerful exercise.  You can really get your heart pumping with a great kettlebell routine.

Kettlebell routines can address so many different muscles and body parts all at once, there is very little that compares to it.  While you can substitute a kettlebell for a dumbbell, there are unique benefits that a kettlebell provides. Because of its shape and structure, it allows you to manipulate it in much different ways than a dumbbell. For example : A kettlebell gives you the ability to perform ballistics and grinds. Ballistics are fast, explosive movements (like a kettlebell swing) and grinds are slow and deliberate. Being that you can use this piece of equipment in both ways, you will get a varied training experience and your body won’t be so quick to adapt to the different movements.

I add kettlebell training into my routine to shake things up, to make my body respond to different movements. I train hard both in cardio and in resistance but when I add in a few kettlebell sessions a month, I can feel my muscles respond to the different stimulus.

Some of my favorite Kettlebell movements and exercises are

  • The Kettlebell Swing (representing full body power and high level of cardiovascular conditioning)
  • The Goblet Squat
  • The Turkish Get Up (oh this is such a great exercise! Full Body, slow and deliberate and challenging. There are plenty of modifiers for beginners too. When I first started training, I could not do one single one and modified the exercise)
  • The Clean (like a kettlebell swing is an explosive exercise for great strenght and conditioning). This one took me some time to learn, because your body has to learn to move in a different way, so I started with a very low weight to get the movement down, but once mastered it provides some awesome benefits
  • The Snatch – This one is pretty physically demanding.  It offers some great total body strength and conditioning benefits. Very similar to the clean, it took some time to learn properly so I started with a very light weight to get the movement down first.

You can mix and match any of your favorite movements and create a super powerful circuit or HIIT routine to minimize workout time but maximize the demands you are putting on the body. When I set up a HIIT routine using Kettlebells, I generally max out at 30 – 40 minutes — 4 to 5 rounds of continuous movement with a 1 – 2 minute rest in between rounds or until my heart rate moves back into my target range (using my heart rate monitor to gauge).

Overall, I find Kettlebell routines a great shake up and something fun to look forward to.  I never walk away from a session without sweating up!

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Remember, before you start any routine check with your medical doctor to make sure its right for you!

And last but not least! … HAVE FUN!


Jenn @ DYB Family of Brands

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