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Welcome to Do You Bake?

The brand and product concept started based on my experience. I went from eating out all the time, not knowing what was really and truly in my food to going back to basics. Spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking real food.

At the time when I started to make the transition, I just felt tired and I lacked energy and just made up my mind to start a quest for a healthier balanced life.

At over 245 pounds it was time I went back to real food.  And so the story began …

To sum it up! We are about real food, we are about balance. We are about packing our day with delicious, yummy, satisfying food that is good for us. With over 200 products between Do You Bake? and Crave It, we offer solutions to make it easier to prepare delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner .. and everything in between.

No additives, no preservatives, no fillers. 

We don’t promote diet eating or restrictions. We promote and educate on balance and give you so many options to achieve that balance.

You will never hear me say ‘don’t eat a cookie’. That’s total nonsense. I believe in an 80 / 20 or 90 / 10 approach.

Who Am I?go-for-a-run-switch-it-up

I’m a food fanatic, a fitness junkie and a down to earth person (you generally won’t see canned photos. I prefer you know the real me, in my own setting) and I hope can relate to you. Whether you want to fill your cupboards with delicious or start a business with us, we stand for real people making real decisions affecting real lives one day at a time ..

after all .. this experience affected and continues to impact me .. I am now 120 pounds lighter..stronger .. healthier and I work each day to educate, teach and promote the love of real food and I get the opportunity to teach, train and mentor amazing business owners each and every day.

We all .. here at Do You Bake? and Crave It can’t wait to hear from you and help impact your day too!

With love and hugs ..and a no hype way of living…

Jenn, Do You Bake? and Crave It Founder

To inspire! …. inspire you to …

  • Cook delicious and amazing meals from home, without all the fuss!
  • Enjoy real food and be curious about new amazing flavors and world cuisines
  • Feel good about feeding you and your family well balanced meals throughout the day
  • Explore the world of Crave It, our sister brand and understand how protein, fiber and other super nutrients help support your daily nutrition needs
  • Enjoy a well balanced lifestyle rooted in simple, fun, amazing food and activity


Humble Beginnings

We began our journey with Do You Bake? back in 2012! We baked, prepped and hustled to vendor show and trade show and farmers market! Baking and preparing fresh food in the wee hours of the night and morning followed by an all day event hustle. Every weekend for several months! No sleep for the weary!

Sometime in 2013 we decided to break through of all the fresh stuff and we began to package and direct market our products as dry mixes.  They flew off the shelves!

Through the remainder of 2013 we set up our first website and began to wade through the waters of direct marketing.  Testing product, adding new product, creating a catalog.  Everything was low key, simple packaging and simple catalogs. Lots of labels and stickers and no frills elements of our business!

2014 we made a big change! Seeing the love for food, we *put our big girl* pants on and got serious! New website design, new back office, upgraded packaging and finally a catalog we were proud of.

2015 we launched Crave It, our sister brand, focusing on high protein, high nutrition products that help solve the 3PM munchies in an easy to prepare and super nutritious way. We use whey, egg and hemp protein for our product line and pride ourselves on no fillers or additives or protein spiking. Just the real stuff.

2016 we began our growth strategy! Started talking fitness and Jenn opened up about her weight loss to help motivate and inspire others and show that real food, real activity is the best approach. Balance and understanding nutrition and how food affects our body is part of her passion.  Now with over 200 products and more to come!

Leaders of Tomorrow ..

In real food, real people solutions, real business development.  Our goal is to develop a growing organization that supports micro-business owners in self sustainability and at the same time promote real food, no hype, balanced life way of living.

We are excited about our future! We have so much ahead of us in the next two years and we are only looking to make the market, be the change, inspire a movement and socially impact our generations to come by getting back to basics, teaching the no hype way of living well and providing ultimate lifestyle solutions that meet the needs of many.

Join us, follow us and help us celebrate change and a movement that is made for, created by and celebrated with our customers and micro-business owners alike!


Wishing You Happy Future days! Happy Balanced Living!

Live Well, Love Always & Laugh Often


Doggie Lover, Fitness Fanatic, Food Enthusiast and

Founder of Do You Bake? and Crave It

Ah… our Brand Sisters! … they go together like ..

Peanut Butter & Jelly .. or .. pen and paper .. or .. fish ‘n’ chips! ..

Do You Bake?

Offers over 150 products that solve your mealtime dilemma! We have Breakfast, lunch and dinner covered! Meal Kits, sauces, dips, dessert mixes and more. Unique, delicious and totally preservative free!

Then! .. ahh! to solve those 3PM munchies OR to give you a protein and nutrition boost, we encourage you to delve into our sister brand

Crave It…

Crave It offers over 20 products all packed with protein support! We have solutions for your snacks, your drinks and more.  Easy, healthy done right. Great options for pre and post workout. Using high quality Whey Protein in the majority of our mixes we also offer Paleo friendly products made with egg white protein and Plant Based friendly products created using Hemp.

We’re your full lifestyle brand solution helping you make balanced food and nutrition choices (with super easy prep!) along the way.




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