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Chill Wine with Frozen Grapes

use frozen grapes to chill a glass of wine

Not a fan of warm, room temperature wine? Having an impromptu cocktail party? Have you run out of your stock in the refrigerator?

No problem! Use this easy wine chilling a la glass tip!

This is an easy 1-2-3 party tip to quickly chill your glass of wine and keep it perfectly chilled! Perfect for any time of year. Great way to keep your wine chilled and cool.  Instead of adding ice cubes, toss a few frozen grapes into your wine glass and fill with your favorite wine.

The frozen grapes will chill your wine and water down the flavor, aroma or taste. Just grab a few bunches of grapes from the refrigerator and toss them in the freezer on a baking sheet. Once fully frozen, toss frozen grapes into a zip top bag for later.

Ready to serve your wine? Toss a few frozen grapes in the bottom of your glass, fill the glass with wine. Let sit for a few minutes and enjoy your chilled wine.

Finished your glass of wine? The slightly frozen, slightly wine infused grapes are a perfect sweet treat!


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