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30 Most Influential Restaurants in the last 30 Years


I recently ran over an article written by the Robb Report (link is at the end of this article) that outlined some of the most influential restaurants in the last 3 decades.

It’s interesting to see how restaurant trends have shaped how we eat and view food.

I think some of the list is on point but I think for many some of the restaurants may have some food items that are ‘way out there’ or ‘totally outside’ of what someone will try to eat.

For example – fish – several of the restaurants cited talk about the amazing and exquisite fish dishes they serve.  I find many people I talk to just don’t like fish.  They stay away from it and steer clear. Despite my efforts to get friends, family, customers and ambassadors to TRY different fish dishes, they just cant stand the though of it.

Farm to Table Eating – this trend pops up among over 1/2 the restaurants cited. And I agree. I think as we have grown into the 2000’s we are more conscious about eating local.  We are more aware of supporting our local growers with the produce they are farming.  Many top chefs either have their own gardens they use produce from or they partner with local micro-farmers and create dishes using in season produce.

The selection of restaurants cited in the Robb report are very diverse not only in location but in the type of food being offered.  They are truly an around the world look at some of the most influential restaurants in the past 3 decades.
Several on this list make my list for must try! … I don’t eat out often because I truly love cooking from home and can use my own creative juices but thinking about eating out at some of these restaurants make me giddy and excited to try something totally different, unique and delicious.

On my top list is

Highlands Bar & Grill, Birmingham, Alabama

Au Pied de Cochon, Montreal

El Bulli, Roses, Spain

Harvey’s, London


What make’s your top list of restaurants to visit and try?

Read the full article on the Robb Report’s website by clicking here


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